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Homeowners appreciate contractors that are tech savvy, and willing to be transparent during the sales process. But this sales process can be complicated, right? Well, with the new ComfortConsultant sales app, selling just got a lot easier so that you can keep installing like a pro. The tool allows you to select equipment from a complete pre-loaded database, and add in your own pricing, financing terms and rebates. Once you’re set up, hand over your iPad or tablet to the homeowner to go through a series of questions that will then determine a good, better, best product offering. The pressure will be taken off of you and the homeowner by allowing them to slide back and forth to see how different products will affect their overall price, and will even break it into monthly payments if you offer financing. The best part is that ComfortConsultant is completely free with a Tier II 12th Man Plan enrollment. Get started with the 12th Man Plan today by contacting your local distributor.

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