2018 12th Man Plan – Facebook Content Emails

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The biggest challenge of being on Facebook as a business is knowing what creative things to say, and finding the time to say it. With the 12th Man plan, managing your Facebook page just got a whole lot easier. As a Tier II member of the program, you can sign up to receive weekly emails with shareable content. From branded images, to homeowner friendly articles on everything from DIY projects, home maintenance tips, and family crafts – you will receive a mix of content each Monday morning. The best part is, you can preschedule these items to be shared on your Facebook page throughout the week. This will cut down on your time management so that you don’t have to spend all of your free time monitoring your page. For best practices, we recommend logging in 3 times a week for just 5 minutes at a time to respond to any homeowner comments, and engage with them. To subscribe to our weekly content emails, log into your contractor marketing site and visit the Facebook Content Email page.

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