Climbing the Customer Staircase

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According to Contracting Business, consumers potentially go through multiple steps to identify a contractor they feel comfortable with. We know from the American Home Comfort Study, that the number 1 way a contractor gets back into the home is if they’ve had a previous experience with that homeowner. Other methods that Contracting Business points out includes asking a friend, using social media, doing an internet search, and using a referral site. Coincidentally, many of these overlap one another. So, what are you doing to help your company be seen by as many homeowners as possible? If you’re comfortable on Facebook, think about starting a page for your business to help your business gain new referrals though word of mouse. What about Google, and review platforms? The 12th Man Plan can help place your company on Google, Yahoo, Bing, HomeAdvisor and more… all for free with a Tier II enrollment. Contact your distributor to sign up, or log in to your contractor marketing site to get started today.

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