Rallying for Reviews

Are you wondering how you can improve your online reputation?

The key to improving your online presence is reviews. Reviews, reviews, reviews! However, getting reviews does not always seem like a straightforward task… You want homeowners to leave positive reviews, but you can’t force homeowners to leave you a positive review.

We cannot stress the importance of your online reputation enough.According to the 2016 American Home Comfort Study, for the first time the internet has a bigger influence on a homeowner’s purchase decisions than the installing contractor. That means your online reputation is more important than it’s ever been!

Don’t get too overwhelmed. We recommend four things that can guarantee success when it comes to acquiring and maintaining an online reputation.

Provide a positive experience for homeowners.

This is pretty straightforward. If the homeowner has a negative experience during the installation process, they aren’t gong to want to leave a review – let alone a positive one. Be professional when you come into the home. Wear the appropriate uniform. Clean up after yourself. Taking a few small steps to ensure that you make a good impression can set you apart from the competition.

ASK for the review.

It may seem intimidating, but this is crucial. Sometimes, all a homeowner needs is a small push to get them to leave a review. That being said, make sure you are confident (without being aggressive) when you ask for the review. You will leave a good impression.

Thank your homeowner.

Be humble. A homeowner will appreciate a show of gratitude. A homeowner is going to have to go out of their way to leave you a review. Let them know that you know that!

Monitor your reviews.

This is arguably the most important part of the online review process. Make sure you respond to your online reviews – whether they are good or bad. A public reply can make a major impact on future consumers, even if you are responding to a negative comment. In fact, after a public reply, homeowners who have left a negative review may turn around and post a positive review in response. AND, a percentage of those negative reviewers may go back and delete their original review.

What do you do to monitor your online reviews? Do you have a process in place? If you don’t know what your online reputation looks like, just search by you company name!


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