Technical & General Site Help

Free classes are typically short videos that provide good technical and business tips. Paid classes are HVAC-focused curriculum, modeled after professional classes, and traditionally last between 1-3 days.

The online classes offered through EdgeTek take these longer subjects and break them into mini courses, which allow the student time to digest the material before moving on to subsequent material. These courses offer a significant cost savings when compared to on-site classes, while providing ultimate flexibility for busy schedules.

Short tips are available for free and without a login on the EdgeTek site! Just visit the SOMETHING tab located at the top navigation bar.

You can access free, premium training by logging into the site. If you have previously registered for this site (EdgeTek), NORDYNE University, Nortek Global HVAC technical literature or NIN online training, you may login using the email address used for your previous registration(s) to gain access.

If you are having problems viewing videos after signing in, the most likely cause is that you have logged in with an email address that is different from your previous registration(s).

If you see a player on your screen, but the video is not running, press the play button on the player. If you are still having difficulties, contact us.

With the new portal, it was necessary to go to a new access format. Simply use the email you originally registered with on the literature site to access the new library.

The first time you enter your email address, you will be asked to verify it. If you are not asked to verify your email address it means that the system does not recognize it – you will need to complete a new registration.

Many classes require a password so that you can manage your course offerings and keep your last viewed place on the course.

Unfortunately, our classes are only available through the EdgeTek training site.

We have a variety of trainers in different subject areas that express interest in teaching new, exciting courses. If you have an instructor request, send us a message through our “Contact Us” form.

EdgeTek classes are currently only available in English. There are no immediate plans to convert them to other languages. If you are interested in having specific classes translated, please use the “Contact Us” form to let us know the class and language you are interested in. We will use your request in conjunction with others received to determine demand for specific languages.