Marketing Your Business – Social Media Mistakes pt. 3.

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The next social media mistake you may be making is overselling. Do not make the mistake of having all of your social media posts link back to a sales pitch. Instead of telling homeowners about how you’d like to sell them a new system, offer solutions, answers, and ideas. This creates a friendly atmosphere, and opens up the door for customer relationship building. By positioning yourself as an expert, and earning their attention, you can THEN earn their money. While keeping this in mind, it’s still proper to leave the homeowners with a call to action. Make sure you’re leaving them with a compelling reason to contact you in a meaningful way. Here’s a great example of a contractor offering a solution to homeowners dealing with high bills. Try out these tactics on your social media platforms this week, and check back on Edgetekhvac.com to view our previous more social media marketing tips.

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