Ways to WOW Your Customers – part 4

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We’re back this week to share more simple ways to wow your customers. Did you know that the top 3 most popular promotions reported by HVAC replacement buyers include rebates, free clean & checks for a limited time, and free warranties? These are all amazing things that you can and should be offering homeowners to make your company stand out against the competition. With the 12th Man Plan, you’ll be eligible to offer our instant rebates to homeowners. Work these costs into your pricing, and you’ll be able to save homeowners big bucks, and make better profit margins. 50% of homeowners also reported that the most important promotion is a free warranty for a limited time. Calm your homeowners’ fears about these expensive purchases by backing up your hard work with a limited warranty. This will give your customers peace of mind, and boost your closing rates. Start today by offering at least one of these popular promotions to each homeowner you work with.

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