Ways to WOW Your Customers – part 3

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Did you know that only 18% of HVAC contractors ask customers about their allergies and issues with dust? You could be missing out on additional sales by not offering your homeowners various IAQ products that could solve their problems. In fact, 72% of homeowners report that dust and allergies were a major concern in their household, and would be willing to make improvements to meet their home comfort needs. To make this conversation easier, work IAQ products into your sales brochures by using the free custom Brochure Builder program through the 12th Man Plan. Another option is to have customers pick out their own IAQ products by using the ComfortConsultant in-home sales tool. In 2018 this amazing app will be free and available on iPads and Androids. If you’re ready to start closing more sales, and want access to programs like Brochure Builder, ComfortConsultant and more, contact your distributor today to get signed up!

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