Training is the best thing you can do for your business. And EdgeTek premium training will give you an extra leg up. When you sign-up for a premium account with EdgeTek you will gain access to both free and paid training videos that can get you one step closer to being the successful business you’ve worked hard to be. You’ll learn from world-class trainers at your pace – you’ll never have to choose between taking a service call and receiving your training. Train in your truck. Train in your office. Train in your home. EdgeTek has your back.


Train whenever and wherever you want - whether that's in your truck or home.


Learn confidently from industry professionals with years of experience.


Choose from NATE Certified courses that count towards continuing education credits.


Stay up-to-date on products and technology without breaking the bank.

Premium HVAC Training

EdgeTek online HVAC training is simple, comprehensive and engaging. We know the life of an HVAC contractor is a busy one. And we've designed our premium platform with that in mind.

Easy to Use

The EdgeTek platform is simple to use. Just browse our course catalog, choose the courses that suit your needs and download the materials.

Mobile Supported

Have a smartphone or a tablet? No problem. EdgeTek supports all platforms, including: desktop, mobile and tablet.

Interactive Platform

EdgeTek engages the learner. Now, more than ever, it's easy to measure how well you know the material with assessments and quizzes.

Learning Paths

Need a more guided learning experience? Simply choose a learning path, and we can recommend courses that will best suit that path.

Simple Reporting

Reporting is simple with EdgeTek. We record the classes you have completed and can recommend similar courses.


EdgeTek is your one-stop-shop for all things training related. Sign-up for weekly tips, paid training, lunch and learns, in-person training and more!

Featured Teachers

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Frank Besednjak

President & CEO Training Source, Inc.

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Nick Brueggeman

Sr. Technical Service Advisor

image description

Greg Brunts

Sr. Technical Service Advisor

image description

David Judd

Sr. Technical Service Advisor

image description

Ruth King

Author, Small Business Expert, Serial Entrepreneur

image description

Bill Ligon

Consultant and Trainer to HVAC Contractors

image description

Bud Link

Technical Service and Product Application Supervisor

image description

James McIntyre

VRF Training Manager

image description

Doug Priestley

Technical Support Manager

image description

Steve Richards

Sr. Technical Service Advisor

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Sharon Roberts

President of Roberts & Roberts Associates