Ways to WOW Your Customers

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Take a second to think back to a really great experience you had with a local business. Now, what made that experience stand out above the rest? Did it cause you to recommend that company to a friend or neighbor? Over the next few weeks, we’re going to share ideas for simple ways to WOW your customers. The first tip for success we want to share, is to leave behind a hand written note. You don’t have to have a grand gesture with every system you sell, but taking a moment to write a quick thank you to the homeowner can go a long way. After all, they have opened their home to you, and this type of personal gesture helps reinforce that your company truly cares. One small act of kindness can boost referrals, and help set your company apart from the competition. Make an effort to start these practices today, and write a quick thanks on the next invoice, quote, or brochure you leave behind.

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